I have set up a local installation of DBpedia Lookup as described on the project website http://wiki.dbpedia.org/projects/dbpedia-lookup. I need to recreate the functionality that the web interface provides. However, my local search results are utterly incomplete. I presume that this has to do with the input files that are used for indexing.

If I am right, which files from the DBpedia dataset will be needed?

I have used the bash script ./lookup/scripts/index.sh to build the key word index - the links to a downloadable index on the project websites are all dead. The files downloaded by index.sh from the DBpedia Dataset are


However, the request 


yields many more results than the local counterpart which only yields

<Label>Berlin Crevasse Field</Label>

Help would much be appreciated. Thank you!

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      Dear Robert,

      My apologies for this issue and thanks for reporting it.

      I have fixed our index.sh right now with our new links. Would you mind trying again?

      What index are you using on your local computer?  Have you tried to download from http://downloads.dbpedia-spotlight.org/dbpedia_lookup/ ?


      1. Robert Piro

        Hi Sandro,

        It took me a while to get around to it. Unfortunatley, downloading the jar-file and the directory "model" did not work out. Executing the jar file yields

        Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
        at org.dbpedia.lookup.server.Server$.main(Server.scala:48)
        at org.dbpedia.lookup.server.Server.main(Server.scala)

        I had the same problem with the source code from the git repository. I patched it by inserting a hard reference to my index directory which contains the segment files. So, I replaced line 48 with

        val indexDir = if(args.length < 1) new File("./dbpedia-lookup-index/en/2016-04") else new File(args(0))

        which seemed to work. However, there is obviously a correct way to execute the jar-file. How do I need to pass as arguments to the jar-file to make it work? 

        Many thanks for your help.

      2. Sandro Coelho

        Dear Robert,

        You do not need to change the script. Just run

        ./run Server /opt/dbpedia-lookup/2015-04

        as our README page suggests


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      Thank you Sandro for the swift reply and action. I did not know that  http://downloads.dbpedia-spotlight.org/dbpedia_lookup/ exists. You could include this link perhaps on the DBpedia Lookup project page? I will try to download the index and test it out. How was the index created?

      I tried, as described, to use http://wiki.dbpedia.org/projects/dbpedia-lookup and tried to build the index myself. If you are interested in my adaptions to ./lookup/scripts/index.sh to accommodate the changed file structure of DBpedia 2016-04 (the files *.nt.bz2 are no ) please let me know.

      I'll keep you updated on how it goes!

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