I am trying to figure out the number of birthDates that DBpedia contains. I am encountering two questions:

1) The statistics Web page says that there are 819,371 birth dates in the English DBpedia. However, when I run

grep -c "birthDate" mappingbased_literals_en.ttl

...I only get 630,419 results. I am most likely doing something wrong or I am looking at the wrong files. The infobox_properties_mapped_en.ttl gives me 112,362 results.

2) I would like to know the total number of subjects that have a birth date. My understanding is that I would have to merge all canonicalized datasets of all languages, and count the unique subjects. Is that right? Is there a simpler way to do it? (The statistics page seems to indicate only the sum of the birth dates, but the same subject could be mentioned in several localized DBpedias, right?)

I am very grateful for your help.

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      Hi Robert,

      1) It seems that you're looking into the wrong or incomplete file. This one: http://downloads.dbpedia.org/2016-04/core/mappingbased_literals_en.ttl.bz2

      Returns exactly the same amount of statistics Web page:

      $ bzcat mappingbased_literals_en.ttl.bz2 | grep -c "birthDate"
      $ md5sum mappingbased_literals_en.ttl.bz2
      75869344c3e3706b0ed50debe1608968  mappingbased_literals_en.ttl.bz2

      2) If your objective is to find how many instances has birthDate among all chapters then yes, you are right, this would be a way. And yes, watch out for possible repetitions.

      1. Robert

        Thank you, Gustavo, for your helpful answer, and for even checking the count! It worked as you said.

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      I'm trying this query:

      select (count(*)) {?x dbo:birthDate ?y}

      Can't figure any plausible explanation why dbpedia.org (which should have the latest official release http://downloads.dbpedia.org/2016-10/) would have 3x more than live.dbpedia.org (which should have up to the minute data). cc Ted Thibodeau Jr

      1. Ted Thibodeau Jr

        Updates to live.dbpedia.org (and to its cousin, dbpedia-live.openlinksw.com) seem to have stalled on July 11.  This is being investigated.

        The `count` difference flagged above suggests an issue (or change) with the extractors, with which I cannot provide much help.

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